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Medical Malpractice

As a society, we trust and believe that our physicians will take good care of us. Usually, that is the case. Unfortunately, sometimes things will go horribly wrong due to the negligence of health care professionals. The wrong organ will be removed during a surgery. Rather than receiving 10 units of a medication, the patient will get 100 units of a medication.  The medical chart will be ignored and a patient will be prescribed medication that they are allergic to. These are examples of medical errors that cause patients great harm.

At the Freden Law Firm, every potential medical malpractice case is thoroughly analyzed. We identify the appropriate standard of care, determine if the standard of care was violated, and identify all damages that were caused by the error. If you believe that a horrible error has injured you or your loved one in a potential medical malpractice situation, please get the facts of your case analyzed.


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