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Automobile Accidents

Sadly, today's roads are very dangerous.  Reckless drivers come in many forms. Some are simply not paying attention and drift into your lane or run a red light.  Drivers who have been drinking cause many accidents. In Texas, approximately 50% of fatal automobile accidents involve drunk drivers.  Drivers talking on their cell phones are dangerous, but they have been surpassed by a more reckless group.┬áTexters, who are looking down at their phones, rather than at the traffic conditions. Drivers who are texting are absolutely the most dangerous and reckless sober drivers on the road today.

Many people will be impacted by negligent drivers of automobiles and trucks. The Freden Law Firm has the competence and skill to get you the compensation you deserve. Nobody can go back in time and stop the tragedy from occurring. What we can do is get you maximum compensation so that you can put your life back together again.


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